Friday, June 24, 2011

Brighten up!

Summer is the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe and add some color to your closet! We're loving the bright, color block outfits the celebs and designers are busting out these days. Join in on the fun and mix bold, bright colors to really make a statement! And you don't just have to keep the eye-catching colors to your clothing. Add a neon clutch or bold heels to play along with this fun trend and really make you stand out in the summer crowds.


  1. Congratulations on your wonderful blog, though I do have a question. Who are the designers for the fashion pieces above. My guess is Gucci (top), Louis Vuitton (middle), and Prada (bottom). Am I correct? lol :)

    Congrats again,
    Chris Henry

  2. Thanks Chris! And you are correct about Gucci and Louis Vuitton...nice work;) But the neon wedges are Tommy Ton. Aren't they fab??

  3. Oh those wedges are SOOOOOO Tommy. He would!