Monday, January 23, 2012

Braids on the Brain

We have always been a fan of braids. This diverse hairstyle has a sense of effortless glamour that we absolutely love. Although we aren't the best braiders in the world(our mom didn't pass that talent down to us), we have a lot of fun experimenting and playing with different styles of braids depending on our outfits and what look we are going for. You can opt for the classic french, simple side braid, braided bangs, or the fishtail braid that is a major trend this season. And having the option of braiding as much or as little hair you want allows for constant change and endless options. So pick a style you feel like rocking and get to braiding!


  1. great braid inspirations. love braids also. your blog is fabulous! love all the runway photos, and i especially love your background. it's so regal. :) enjoyed browsing. :) it's so awesome that you guys share a blog... :) i am following you now on google. i'd be honored if we could stay connected. have a great day and all the best on your lovely blog. :)