Sunday, July 8, 2012

Statement Jewelry: Show-Stoppers

Now everyone knows that we LOVE us some statement jewelry. We're from Texas people...the bigger, the better! From over-sized cocktail rings, to chunky plate necklaces, we're all for it. One of our favorite stores, TopShop, literally had us gasping and drooling over their statement jewelry recently. We caused quite a little scene actually...whoops. But you other fashionistas and lovers know what we're talking just can't help it! And not only are their pieces so unique and different, they are all about the chain trend lately, which we still can't get enough of. They had chain earrings, chain bracelets, body chains and chain anklets (who else is secretly jumping for joy that anklets are making a comeback...because we are). Check out the pics below from Kailey's Instagram. Both the chain/bracelet combo piece and the arm chain are from TopShop. How awesome are both of these statement pieces?!

And for all you fellow Instagrammers, make sure to follow Haati Chai to get a look at some of the most unique and interesting jewelry. They are a custom LA based jewelry line that have definite show-stopping pieces and some serious arm candy. Here are some of our faves from their Instagram:

Our future jewelry line will be comprised of pieces that are sure to make some heads turn...aka, that special Kissue touch;)  

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