Sunday, March 18, 2012

Floppy Fun!

Floppy Hats
One of our favorite Spring/Summer accessories is the always fun, and always stylish, floppy hat. It's the perfect item to throw on for a day at the beach, a shopping trip with the gals, or if your hair is being stubborn and isn't cooperating with you. We're excited to pair this hat with a long pleated maxi skirt, basic tank and top the look off with some fun arm candy. There are so many styles, colors and patterns of this accessory. The options are endless as to what you can pair it with and how dressy you want to take your look. So choose some different styles, and have some fun with it! 


  1. I love hats! I am so happy they are coming back. I live in New Mexico and anytime I plan on being outside I try to throw on a floppy!

    Great post!

  2. LUvvv the one in the middle!!!
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