Friday, March 2, 2012

Online shopping fix: Tobi

So thanks to our older sis, Kelsey, we were introduced to this amazing online shopping site today. Don't ask us why it took us so long to discover this little pot of gold, but Tobi has some of the cutest things for some great prices! And as an added bonus, not only do they add new stuff to the site everyday, you also get an extra 30% off of their new additions! We are really into graphic prints and bold color-blocking right now, so take a look at some of our fav finds we chose while browsing through the site today...

Oh Pleats tank dress $48

Navajo Dawn dress $35

Zig Zag Multi Color strapless dress $26

Tri It On dress $30

Full of Tiers top $42

Oh Pleats blouse $37

Enrich Aztec Peep Toe Wedges $38

Roberta Color Block Flats $25

Envelope Clutch $46


  1. WOW! most of these are really good!!


  2. Love these looks! The third dress is my favorite!!


  3. Wow love the pumps! found u on ifb, am following ur delightful blog, can u follow back?

  4. great looks, i'm really going to check their website!
    nice blog :)

  5. Yes, great find! Thanks so much for sharing.
    What did you pick? I'm stuck! ;)

  6. I know, there is so much cute stuff! We're having trouble narrowing down our shopping cart...can we have one of each item??;)

  7. cute post dear!
    Lovely blog! Following on Google and Bloglovin! Follow back? <3

  8. nice blog!

    Marta :*

  9. Fab dresses! Lovely prints for the Spring, can't wait to have that Full of Tiers top, pretty!

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