Monday, June 18, 2012

Kissue Girls Update: Kaygan

Hey guys!

As far as an update on my life, I just finished my first year at Texas Christian University, and I am also in the Delta Gamma sorority. I am a Fashion Merchandising major and have really enjoyed all of the fashion classes I've taken so far. I'm also in the process of starting TCU's very first fashion club, so I'm really looking forward to next year.

Now that it is summer time, I have been enjoying doing nothing haha. Unlike Kailey's busy schedule, I am not working this summer. I have been traveling a lot though recently. I went to New York City to help move Kailey up, which was amazing as always. My dad, mom and I actually just got back Sunday from Las Vegas for my dad's business. It was a blast! The shopping there was endless, and they even had a few stores that I had never been to...surprising, I know. The next trip I will be going on is to Kentucky at the first of July to visit my suit mates from this past year at TCU. They are transferring back to the University of Kentucky, so I am going to visit them before the school year starts. Finally, the whole family will be venturing off to Rio Del Mar, Mexico at the end of July for a little R&R. I am already excited to soak up the sun!

I hope that you all are having an amazing and relaxing summer, and I will keep you updated with anything that comes along!


P.s. I also have an Instagram if you want to follow me, @kaygantissue(:
Me and Kailey roaming around the streets of NYC! 
Me and my mom before hitting up a fun night in Las Vegas! 
My lovely suit mates who I will be visiting soon:) Miss them so much!!

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  1. The sequin dresses in your NYC picture are adorable!!