Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Project Runway: TCU Style

Its happened everyone...the first skirt has been made from pattern pieces. I don't know how I finished on time or even put it all together, but it is done and in my eyes, perfect! I had to make a skirt for my Apparel Construction class at TCU for our last major project this semester. And I got an A! Woohoo! Starting the project was a bit overwhelming at first, but looking at it now it was so much fun and interesting to see how pieces of fabric come out to be a well constructed garment. My skirt has gathers at the top to control the fullness, a rolled hem at the bottom (which was made very difficult by the way), and an exposed silver, metal zipper in the back. The underlay of the skirt is made with 100% viscose fabric, and the outer layer is 100% polyester chiffon. If you are interested and ready for the challenge, I would highly encourage y'all to go out there and make one for yourself. It's so much fun!! 
XOXO, Kaygan



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