Thursday, January 10, 2013

Boy Meets Fashion World

Yes, we still want to chat up the cutie with the chiseled features and striking blue eyes. But in today’s world, the icebreakers consist of questions more along the lines of “Where did you get this great blazer with those awesome elbow patches?” and less of the regular background checks. One of the most prominent and hottest trends to emerge from the fashion industry is the androgynous menswear trend. Women are more powerful and confident than ever, and we want our clothes to reflect this newfound authority. 

Via  “I Dress, Therefore I Am”

Whether it be laid-back street style or looks hot off the runway, this modern-day feminism has become one of the most highly demanded styles in today’s fashion world. Your boyfriend’s coat, men’s tailoring and even men’s footwear have made a huge impact and inspired women to take more fashion risks and channel their inner manliness. 

Via “Modern Destiny”

However, some women might find this strapping trend to be a bit intimidating. Don’t worry ladies, it’s all about mixing the right masculine pieces and adding the appropriate feminine touch. Say you want to rock your man’s new plaid shirt that might be a size or two too big for you. Not a problem! Pair it with some skinny jeans, a pair of chic booties, and throw on a cropped or fitted blazer to help pull the look together.

Via “Stylefinds”

The androgyny trend not only lets women show their strength through their wardrobe, it also allows for endless opportunities to play around and experiment with different pieces to help find which interpretation of this craze works best for each person. Style is all about expressing your personality through your fashion choices. So whether you want to exude strength, power, sexiness or all the above, the androgynous approach is definitely the right choice. It’s time to “man” up ladies! 

This post just won me a blogging contest and landed me a freelance writing position as a blog contributor for StyleWire:) Hope everyone had a great holiday season and happy new year!



  1. Fantastic post! I love mixing it up with "boy" pieces!

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  3. Hey I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Details are on the link below!

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