Monday, January 21, 2013

Trend Alert 2013: Bringing the Fanny Pack Back!

Fashion is all about reinventing the old and making it new again. And one of the upcoming trends for the spring and summer months is doing just that. The fanny pack is making a comeback! I know a lot of you might be a little skeptical about this news, but the fanny pack that you are thinking of has received an all-over and oh-so-chic makeover. No more plastic clasps, no more neon zigzag patterns. Think black, nude, slim and trim.

The fanny pack or “Bumbag” as our friends across the pond in London call them, first stepped foot back on the fashion scene during the Fall 2011 runway shows at Fashion Week. Dolce & Gabbana took a risk and paired this bag with more casual looks. The trend slowly started to catch on, and it made a much more prominent impact at the Spring/Sumer 2013 shows. DKNY’s version was slouchy and laid back, while Rachel Zoe’s looked more like a sleek wallet.

Store shelves are starting to fill up with these waist bags for the warmer months. TopShop has multiple versions consisting of gold studs and edgy details. Pairing these packs with a more casual look will help you ease back into this trend without feeling like you're flashing back a few decades. Try wearing it slung low around your waist and paring it with some biker boots for an edgy, laid-back vibe.  Or even cinching a loose sweater dress with this accessory can add a fun and different look to your style.

Convenience is key.  So who wouldn’t like a bag that is hands-free, easily accessible and now, surprisingly trendy?!


  1. Great post! I don't know if i'm looking forward to these things being back though :(

  2. Good to know! Thanks for sharing this! I actually have a fanny pack that will be perfect and stylish that I had been skeptical about rocking...Fear no more! haha XO


  3. This is such a cute little trend. I am following you because you caught it early on :)

    xx Domenic